Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st Anniversary

Brooke and I celebrated our first anniversary on October 2nd, exactly one year after the day we were married. We decided to travel to Park City and stay in a hotel for a night. This was the nicest hotel Brooke or I had ever been in. Ever. We won't mention the cost, but we did treat ourselves a little bit. The room had a king size bed with down pillows. It also had a separate living area with a nice leather couch and love seat. There was a also an electric fireplace. Super nice.
The package we purchased came with a credit to the restaurant Ruth's Chris Steak House. This was also the nicest restaurant Brooke or I had ever been to. We were shown to a table by a man named Pasqual. Nice, right? Anyway, during the meal, between courses, Pasqual came by with a small plastic crumb sweeper and cleaned our table off with it. He was also there to refill our water glasses as soon as they were half-empty (or half-full depending on how you look at it). Plus, we could barely understand his english so it seemed very exotic. Brooke got a petite steak which was amazing and melted in your mouth. Our server informed us that the steaks there are cooked at 1800 degrees and served on 500 degree plates. I'm not sure about the 1800 degree cooking process, but I can vouch that the plates were definitely freakin hot. I got an herb and cheese stuffed chicken breast. It was delicious and also was served on a 500 degree plate on which I burned myself several times. For dessert, we got a chocolate cake with hot gnache frosting and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. It was similar to molten cake from Chili's, but better. While we were eating it, I accidentally dripped chocolate onto the white table cloth that Pasqual was trying so very had to keep clean. I felt awful. Anyway, we ended up having to pay for our drinks which consisted of a diet coke and two milks, which cost us 15 bucks. Ouch.
The next day when we left, we forgot our leftovers in the hotel room fridge. Understandably upset, we walked up and down main street in Park City, observing the fall colors on the mountains. It had a calming affect and we drove home happy. Happy to have experienced the finer side of life, and happy to be married for whole year.

office party

We had some people over for the new season premier of The Office. We tried to re-create Jim's prank of putting a stapler in jello. If anyone, ANYONE, ever tells you that it is an easy task, call that person a liar and ask them if they know where liars go. It was a lot of fun though and we thoroughly enjoyed the new episode.